Chippers & Shredders

Mowersplus are delighted to offer customers used / second hand chippers and shredders. Ranges that we stock include Timberwolf and Viking to name a few.

Our used chippers are thoroughly checked over by our engineers prior to being put up for sale, to ensure that customers can buy in confidence knowing that every pre-owned machine has been checked and is in full working order.

A woodchipper is a machine used for reducing wood. They are often portable, being mounted on wheels on frames suitable for towing behind a vehicle.

Wood chippers and wood shredders are designed to reduce the bulk of yard waste and make disposal easy. Gardeners and landscapers use these machines to dispose of materials that they accumulate as they work on trees or other dense vegetation.

There are many differences between wood chippers and wood shredders. It is important to understand the functions of each when deciding which one to buy.

Things to think about when buying a chipper or a shredder.

1./ Commercial or Residential use?

2./ Where will you store it?

3./ How often will you use it?

4./ Is it a large area or a small garden? Larger areas might require a chipper, whilst for smaller areas a shredder might suffice.

Wood Shredders

Wood shredders have a chute for feeding wood and braches in and an opening for the material to be ejected out. Inside, wood shredders have semi-blunt blades, called flails, that are used to break down the wast into small pieces. This waste is now able to be recycled.

Due to a small engine size and the fact that the flail is mostly blunt, wood shredders do not have the power or energy to break large branches down. They are most useful for residential small yards, keen home gardeners, and people who have leaves and small branches to shred or breakdown.

Wood Chippers

Wood chippers all function in the same basic way, wood is fed into a chute, and the blades inside the chipper break the solid pieces down into smaller chips. The chips are then ejected from the machine. Some models are equipped with a bin to catch the waste as it is ejected from the machine.

A wood chipper will work equally well on both fresh and dried wood. Branches can be fed through with the leaves still attached. The size of logs and branches that can be fed through the chipper will depend on the size of the chipper and the type of components it has inside.

Timberwolf TW150DHB Chipper

Timberwolf TW150DHB Chipper


Mowersplus would like to offer a secondhand Timberwolf Chipper in very good condition. It has been fully checked over by our engineers and is in good working order.Why buy a Timberwolf chipper?They ar...

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