Stihl VENT PLUS Arborist Helmet


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Functional design with five large adjustable vents on each side. Removable nylon visor. Easiy adjustable chin strap. Removable ear protection that insulates well. Only approved for arborist work. Not suitable for working at ground level. The helmet has a service life of up to 10 years.
Ear protection SNR 28 (H:35. M:26.L:16)
Sound level 108dBA    
Helmet material ABS
Inner fittings 4-Point
Light penetration 55%
Weight 740g

Helmet ventilation
Thermography shows the advantages of a helmet with standard ventilation (right). The temperature fell by two to three degrees and the humidity increased by 50%.

Nylon mesh
Flexible nylon mesh is the most widely used face mask, displaying higher durability and reducing the risk of breakage. Please note that the additional use of safety glasses is highly recommended.

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