Kilworth Dragone V Series Professional Flail Mower VOGT3-300

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-The Dragone VOGT Professional Flail Mowers are built to withstand hard work by the most demanding users including agricultural and grounds maintenance contractors, local authorities and farmers. A large diameter rotor is crucial when the mower must process large amounts of material without blockage and we can find no larger on the market.   


- Constructed from 6mm plate with 10mm thick end plates.
- Double skin frame with 5mm plate inner skin fully welded.
- Large diameter rotor (300mm) with full length centre shaft (not stub shafts welded in ends of rotor).
- Hydraulic side shift standard (requires one double acting hydraulic service.
- Rotor bearings mounted inside the rotor tube for greater protection and a more compact overall width.
- Height adjustable large diameter rear roller with greasable and protected internal bearings.
- Heavy Hammer flails fitted as standard. The flail design gives a good finish on fine or rough areas.
- Integral mulching bar.
- Optional reverse drive or front mounted linkage.
- 6 drive belts with spring tensioner and cooling fan.
- Spiral rotor system. The flails are mounted on the rotor in a spiral which reduces the power consumption and gives a better cut.
- Smooth end plate prevents snagging on undergrowth particularly when mowing hedgerows.

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