John Deere X495 Diesel Compact Tractor with 48" cutting deck (used John Deere compact tractor)


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Mowersplus would like to offer a secondhand John Deere X495 Diesel Compact Tractor for sale. This is a 2004 Model. It has 1866.2 hours on the hourmeter.

You will find that this second hand John Deere X495 diesel lawnmower is quite nippy too, reaching a top speed of around 13.7 kph (8.5 mph). This means it is a great machine for cutting the grass on playing fields and in parks. You can also attach implements like snow blowers and front blades to it as well as many others.

24-hp, liquid-cooled, 3-cylinder, Yanmar diesel engine provides exceptional power, performance, fuel economy, and durability to handle commercial applications

48" convertible cutting deck
Large capacity collection box
Internal hydraulic PTO with multi-disk clutch pack
Soft, smooth clutch engagement
Longer disk life with continuous oil bath
Disks are self-adjusting
Shaft drive output through continuous live transmission PTO; no belts to slip or wear out

Front weights
4 front spool valve connectors

Good turf tyres-small cracks in parts
Several rips in seat

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