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Honda HRX Lawnmowers (Honda Lawnmowers / Honda Lawn Mowers / Honda Mowers)

The HRX range of lawnmowers by Honda is divided into push type, self-propelled, SMART Drive®, variable speed technologies and rear roller mowers. All of these models are robust and durable and you're guaranteed optimum collecting and muclhing performance for less time emptying and more time mowing.

- Versamow™ variable mulching system - With a single lever, Honda's Versamow™ system will either collect the grass cuttings into the bag or finely shred and blow them down into the lawn to create a natural fertiliser, or the perfect mix of both.

- Easy grip fuel cap - Easy to operate fuel cap, with a ratchet system which means it cannot be over tightened.

- Ball bearings on the front and rear wheels - Pushing and pulling your lawnmower is effortless when cutting around obstacles.

- Smart blade material - In case of impact, the blade does not break - it twists: no cutter deck breakage, no engine shaft twist. Just change the blade to continue mowing.

- 4-in-1 cutter deck adjustment - Maximise your mowing time with this  handy lever, which neatly lifts the cutter deck over all four wheels in one go.

- High air flow grass bag and dust cover - Specific R&D design to maximise the air flow going through the grass bag for improved collecting performance with a fine mesh to contain dust. An additional cover is fitted to the top of the grass bag to reduce any further dust.

- Reinforced cutter deck-handle linkage - Specifically designed to prevent damage when mowing and during transportation.

- Soft grip recoil - Moulded to fit users hand.

 - Easy to fold handle - Quick release height adjustment with folding arms for compact storage.

There are 4 types of HRX Honda lawnmower models -

1./ Honda HRX push type lawnmowers

The Honda HRX push type lawnmower is ideal for small to medium lawns.

HRX mowers are powered by innovative Honda GVC160, 1600cc engines mounted on Honda's Polystrong® cutter deck. Weighing from just 31Kg and delivering 2.8kW@2900rpm, they are light, powerful and offer easy drivability due to the ball bearings fitted to the front and rear wheels.

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2./ Honda HRX self-propelled (single speed) lawnmowers

The Honda HRX self-propelled single speed lawnmower is perfect for medium sized lawns and larger.

With it's single speed transmission, you can cover larger areas with minimum effort. benefitting from transmission power delivered by the Honda GVC160 engine, you will feel the difference particulary on rough, irregular or even sloping grounds.

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3./ Honda HRX variable speed lawnmowers

The Honda HRX variable speed lawnmowers are ideal if you like perfection and accuracy.

SMART Drive® is designed to allow you greater accuracy around trees, edges, walls and flower beds by giving you fingertip control of ground speed and letting you smoothly adjust the mowing speed. In addition the new Select Drive offers you the additional comfort to set a constant speed, ideal for larger areas.

Perfect for mowing at a pace that suits you. For larger areas, slopes or demanding conditions Hydrostatic transmission allows a smooth stepless variable speed adjustment. The reliable Hydrostatic technology is also used on Honda's professional machines.

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Understanding SMART Drive Technology (.mp4 video below).

4./ Honda HRX rear roller lawnmowers

The Honda HRX rear roller range of mowers are ideal for straight lines and perfect stripes.

If you like your lawn to have that classic striped effect, then choose a Honda HRX with a rear roller. Easy to start and to manoeuvre, each model comes with large wheels and a steel roller to offer greater balance and control when cutting around obstacles and the edges of your lawn. Honda's innovative Roto-stop® safety technology is also fitted as standard, giving extra security and comfort when creating your dream lawn.

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