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MT 2000 E

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The lightweight MT 2000 E 16 Electric Chainsaw is  designed specifically for residential use, the beauty of Efco’s MT 2000 E is its versatility around the home. Need to chop firewood in preparation for those long winter nights? Chainsaw it! Have a tree in the garden which is starting to get ideas above its station and needs a little pruning? Chainsaw it! Got a bit of DIY to do and need a quick way of cutting tough wood down to size? Chainsaw it! You could even use the MT 2000 E to carve the Christmas turkey if you wanted, but given the power of this impressive machine that might end up a little messy.

Key to the MT 2000 E’s winning combination of power, user-friendliness and ease of operation is its trustworthy 2.0kW/230V electric motor, which provides smooth running power without all of the fuss and fumes involved in running a petrol chainsaw. As well as being cleaner and cheaper running than a petrol machine, the MT 2000 E’s reduced service requirements and simpler design each mean that it is also easier to maintain, so even relatively inexperienced users can be confident of many years of reliable service.

The power from this nippy little motor drives the MT 2000 E’s cutting gear, with the combination of a sturdy 41cm (16”) bar and a 3/8” x .050” (pitch x gauge) chain providing plenty of clout and an effective cutting length of 39.5cm. The MT 2000 E will therefore make short work of pretty much any light cutting work. Moreover, for added convenience the chain can quickly be fitted and adjusted without using tools, allowing the chain to be tensioned in a matter of seconds. Along with the advantage of never having to stop and refuel, this ergonomic ‘no tools’ system means that the MT 2000 E is always ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Other handy features include the automatic oil pump, which both ensures optimal cutting performance and prevents oil flow when the motor is idling, and ergonomically designed handlebars which feature a ‘soft touch’ rubber coating to provide a secure grip and added user comfort during operation. When combined with the remarkable handling and portability offered by the MT 2000 E’s compact and lightweight build (only 4.4kg), this makes Efco’s tough little chainsaw precise, pleasingly easy to use, and a great introduction to the invigorating world of chainsaw ownership.


- A mains powered electric chainsaw fitted with a hardworking 2.0kW/230V electric motor, clean, smooth and economical power along with a high cutting speed.
- Fitted as standard with the potent combination of a 41cm (16”) bar and a 3/8” x .050” (pitch x gauge) chain, providing an effective cutting length of 39.5cm.
- Chain can be quickly and easily fitted and adjusted via a clever ‘no tools’ system, thereby ensuring truly superb convenience even for inexperienced users.
- Ergonomically designed handlebars feature a ‘soft touch’ rubber coating to help provide a secure grip and added user comfort at all times during operation.
- Compact, lightweight (only 4.4kg without bar and chain) and user-friendly design ensures exceptional portability and manoeuvrability.

Engine/motor: 2000-watt/230 volt
Power source: Mains electricity
Bar length: 40cm      
Chain: 3/8” x .050”
Fuel tank: N/A     
Oil tank: 0.35-litres      
Oil pump: Yes      
Weight: 4.4kg      
Warranty: 2-year

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