Agri-Fab 45-0267 Push / Tow Lawn & Garden Roller (24” Working Width)

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Capable of being either hand-pushed or towed, this compact 24” roller from Agri-Fab is suitable for smaller-scale levelling and sod-packing applications. Its 18” diameter roller-drum is made from polyethylene, so it won’t corrode; and it has rounded edges to prevent turf-damage when turning. A baffle in the centre of the drum ensures it won’t flex under pressure.

The Agri-Fab Push / Tow Lawn & Garden Roller weighs just 40lbs when unballasted (250lbs when full), making it easy to transport and store. It comes with a brass fill-plug (1” diameter), that doesn’t require tools for removal; and a universal link-pin, which ensures the roller is compatible with ride-on mowers from any manufacturer.


- 18" diameter x 24" wide.
- Poly construction for rustproof durability.
- Drum capacity: 250 lb. (water).
- Lightweight when empty, for easy transport and storage.


- Suitable for a range of tasks, including levelling and sod-packing.
- Poly roller will not rust.
- Weighs up to 250lbs when water ballasted.
- No tools needed to remove the fill-plug.
- Rounded roller edges prevent damage to the lawn surface.
- Centre baffle stops the poly buckling or flexing.
- Universal link-pin included.


Towing Mechanism: Hitchpin and Hole
Working Width: 61cm
Drum Diameter: 46cm
Drum Material: Poly
Fill Plug: Yes - Brass (254mm Diameter)
Weight with Water: 114kg
Weight Empty: 18kg
Warranty: 5 Years

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